The Fight Club Punch To Sales And Marketing

In the 1999 film, Fight Club, Tyler Durden asks Ed Norton’s character,
“How much can you possibly know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?”

What did he mean by this?

Well, most people who have never been in an altercation can only guess at how they would behave in a fight. Many who like to think that they would be tough and stand their ground end up cowering like scared kittens. There are also those who think of themselves as wimps who end up being incredibly brave when put to the test.

Why I Am Not A Trainer

Easy Company 506 pir

Easy Company 506 pir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got asked a question by a friend of mine.

It’s one I’ve gotten before.


“Why don’t you put together a course on SEO or PPC to teach novices what you do?”


My answer?


There are already enough trainers out there in my humble opinion. I see way too many, and I mean WAY TOO MANY people out there calling themselves network marketing “trainers” or internet marketing “trainers”.


I was on Twitter today. The “Similar to you” space on the right side bar had some profile snippets.


How To Get Home Based Business Leads

get home based business leads magneticallyHome based business leads can be captured online regardless of your knowledge level by using these methods.

Choose 2 or 3 forums in your market and post often. Begin in a forum by commenting on the threads started by others and try and be one of the first people to comment on a new thread. Once you’ve added value through commenting habitually for one week or two then you must start creating your own conversations.